• Managed System Support

    System Support

System administration

Reliability and consistency is very important in IT service, entire company is relying on a system that can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes this system can break down, it is causal that you have a team of experts to take care of it. Keeping your system healthy also require a good track record, this tells the condition of your system, how far behind with current technologies and when it is time to replace. Our team experts with over 20 years experience in computers and mainframes can give you the best insight on your system, give you detail report on what you are expecting from your system and how to improve it. We follow strict documentation to record and proceed on any service calls, to keep all records on what we have been services and how we correct them. 

24 x 7 System monitoring

Snyge Inc, developed a unique 24 hours monitoring system, to keep track and notify when something happening with your system. So that we can pin point the source of the problem, and resolve them even before a disaster strike, we always know what your system doing.

Dedicated service technician

To ensure privacy, security and unity, Snyge Inc. will dedicated a qualified service technician to keep in touch with our client, this technician will handle communications and look after your network. When more than one technician is required to completing the job, we will notify our client before dispatching.

System disaster prevention and recovery

No body want to witness a disaster happen, and no company wish to hire an IT staff just to wait for a disaster to happen. Snyge Inc.   experienced in providing system recovery and disaster prevention for numbers of big corporation. Redundant backup and off-site backup solution to ensure your data is safe and restore in the fastest manor. We will review your backup plan and perform annual disaster recovery drill to make sure the plan is working as it should. 

Virus and Hacker prevention system

Reported shows there are over 16 millions households that have had serious virus problems, and 8 million households have had spyware problems. This costs approximately $4.5 billion a year due to virus and spyware activities 1, this viruses and spyware will not only still your credit card information, taken money from your bank, but invading your privacy by turning on your cameras on your smart phones and computers. For over a decades, Snyge Inc. developed a customized database, to monitor and gather hacker's activities and using this information to provide added security over existing antivirus software. This ensure to minimize the chance of being hacked or infected by virus.

1 Source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/computer-virus-statistics/


No matter it is hardware or software issue, customizing the system, want   

  • System guard
  • Provide telephone, on-site support
  • Maintain system health
  • Network traffic analysis
  • System Security
  • Virtualization  

Monitoring and Security

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Maintain system health
  • Alarm attached monitoring service
  • Virus removal

Disaster prevention and recovery

  • System recovery
  • System Backup
  • Risk analysis

Project Based support

  • Business expansion, relocating
  • System improvement
  • Change of technology
  • System training
  • System Evaluation
  • Unified Anti-Virus implementation
  • Cloud based computing